Day 9 Continued - An Example Of Tracking Links For A Top Home Business

This example will provide a great place for the top home business beginner webmaster to experiment and understand the concept of tracking links for click-in and click-through analysis. We can use the E-zine we have created for our site in the previous lesson in order to monitor how effective the marketing of the E-zine is. We will combine both forms of "click" data to help build a top home business online.

1) Place an ad into your E-zine newsletter and make sure that the link only goes to a page that will receive clicks from this ad. Create a page for your web site which will be a target page or a landing page for the ad you will place in the E-zine. Make sure that this page will only receive clicks from the ad and no where else.

2) For this page create tracker links for your affiliate programs or merchant products devoted to the page and the ad only. These tracker links are not to be used anywhere else and be devoted for this E-zine experiment.

3) Now we are set up for click-in and click through analysis of our top home business. The click-in data will tell the incoming traffic to the page from out E-zine marketing. The click-through data will reveal exactly how many of the visitors coming in actually click-through to our "money links" or the pages which are placed to generate income.

This will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the marketing efforts of the E-zine ad and you will know the exact number of visitors the E-zine email brought into your web site and the amount of them that clicked-through to your merchant sites. If you used multiple income streams and created a tracker link for each, you will also be able to see which merchant or affiliate program performed the best and the worst for your visitors.

When using time and efforts, as well as money for creating marketing campaigns this example shows how we can use tracking links to gather the correct information and build a top home business online. If you were to pay advertising to a web site to place your ad on their homepage at $100.00 per month this technique would let us know if the advertising was worth it and actually bringing in profit or losing money. Without the use of tracking links to gain click-in and click-through data the $100.00 per month could be pure loss to our business and we would not know.

Tracking links are especially useful for pay-per-click advertising. The use of tracking links should be used for any form of pay advertising a webmaster engages in. There is no need to use tracking links for marketing attempts such as article distribution, listing in directories and when asking fellow webmasters for a link, but if you are going to pay for a form of advertising for your web sites make sure you are not blind to the effects the marketing efforts are having on your top home business. Make sure to create a separate tracking link for every campaign you run.

The web hosting service I have used for over five years has a free tracking library with the hosting of each web site. You can create your tracking links in a minute and keep them stored in the library which keeps everything well organized. You can check out my web hosting company and all the tools they provide for webmasters at no extra costs here Top Home Business Tracking Tools!. The process of tracking link software can be expensive and provide a little to much then any webmaster needs. It is best to keep the use of tracking links simple.

That concludes are day 9 tutorial and we can move onto our final day! Click For Day 10 Lessons

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