Day 9 Continued - Basic Analysis Of A Successful Home Business

We will look at click-in analysis first for a successful home business. These concepts are best used after you have accomplished all the other lesson plans and are able to handle those tasks as if they are second nature. There is no need to run before we walk and the "click-in" and "click-through" analysis are advanced concepts for webmaster, but a technique you should be aware of.

A "click-in" will only occur from a link which is off your web site and bring a visitor into your site. The main reason we like to keep track of these links and monitor them is because they are typically part of a promotion which has costs us a couple thing, time and money. In order to make sure our efforts for a successful home business are creating the best income opportunity we want to keep track through tracking links. This gives us a clear view off what works and what is failing so we know what to continue doing and what to not waste our time with, or at least improve upon.

Creating tracking links are the method we use to gather data in which to analyze. For each campaign or promotion we are running we create a unique tracking link. When a visitor is to "click-in" through this special tracking link a computer program will record the data and then send the visitor through to your web site. The data collected tells you exactly where the visitor came from, giving the webmaster the ability to monitor and evaluate any campaign they may be running through tracking links. Solo Build It! makes tracking all links very simple and is included with the tools which you can check out by clicking the link Successful Home Business Tools

The data collected will give you information such as the total number of clicks, unique visitors and repeat visitors which let's the webmaster know if they have clicked through the link at a previous time. The main reasons a webmaster may want to use "click-in" data through tracking would be to monitor pay-per-click advertising or bidding on keywords, advertising campaigns through other web sites or E-zines, offline marketing efforts (such as taking out a classified ad) or any other methods of marketing you may want to experiment with.

The main reasons for using a tracking link for a successful home business would be because some of these advertising techniques will use untraceable links and the webmaster will have no ability to gather informative data needed for analysis and to make sure their marketing efforts are creating a profit. The tracking links also allow a webmaster to pin point different campaigns. A unique tracking link can be created for a pay-per-click campaign and another unique tracking links used for a E-zine marketing campaign. These links can point to the same page of a web site and the data will prove which is most profitable or perhaps which is losing money so we can focus efforts in another direction.

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