The Best Home Business Idea For Marketing A Web Site

Article distribution is not a difficult technique for marketing the best home business idea using a web site. The method will increase back links, traffic and income and provide all this for the lifetime of the web site with no further work. I highly recommend that every webmaster take full advantage of this method and it be the first method used for marketing a web site.

The way I use this technique is very simple and something I accomplish each day. Every time I add a new page of optimized content to my site my focus turns immediately towards creating an article to distribute and promote the page. This takes my best home business idea into the next level and does it fast! I focus the article on the same topic of the page I created and with the same keyword I used for the page. The article is however completely different then the content used for my web site. You NEVER want to use the same content that you used for your web site! This will be considered "duplicate content" and the content on your site will no longer be considered quality and unique to the search engines. You need to create a new article which is on the same topic and keywords but moves in a fresh direction from the page you are promoting.

The best home business idea can really be taken advantage of through this online marketing technique. The next step after the article is written is to make sure that the exact keyword is used in the headline of the article and that the keywords are sprinkled throughout the article. This is the same technique we use for optimizing our content for the web site. If you want you can run the article through the analyzer to make sure it has enough keywords throughout.

The next step is to get that all important "bio box" at the end of the article. This is just a couple of sentences about the author and the link that will be used. This is the area that promotes the page and get the back links and traffic. Something like "Tom writes online articles about fly fishing for his web site which includes < A HREF="" >Fly Fishing Lessons< /A >. (REMEMBER- No Spaces Between The <> when creating a hyper link!)

Once all of these sections are completed with the article it is then time to distribute it throughout the net. The manual way would include using the search engines or "search it" function of the web hosting service to locate as many article directories as possible. The we want to save the location of each and register for each one. Once registered we will submit the article to each one individually.

The automatic method is accomplished by using the software which makes everything much easier and a lot faster The software is inexpensive and eventually you may want to pick it up in order to save time. On the next page I will show you how I set up my articles in the software for my best home business idea using a web site. You can view the articles software for the Best Home Business Idea by clicking the link

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