Using Software To Market A New Home Based Business Idea

For any new home based business idea the Arelis software is considered by many webmasters to be their "stranded on a desert island" software. The program makes quick work of finding every possible related web site and page across the net for the page you are working on for better rankings with any new home based business idea. The search engines use link popularity as part of their algorithms in ranking a web page for the keywords that it is focused around. The object of using the software is that it does all the grunt work for you and does it fast.

The four different methods the software uses for locating related link partners are all a webmaster needs for exploring every possible area in which to obtain links and increase back link popularity. I would suggest that once you have thirty pages up on your site and have the technique of creating quality content and optimizing it for going live on the net, look into purchasing the software and trying to get some quality back links with the program. These techniques will increase rankings for any new home based business idea online and continue to deliver all the related web sites, pages and blogs to help find quality link partners each day.

The object is to work on one page at a time until all the methods have been exhausted, this means start with the homepage of your site and the keywords that the homepage has been built around. If the keyword phrase is "fly fishing", then use the software to locate all related sites and blogs by having it search for "fly fishing". Try locating submission forms for links on related sites by telling the software to search for "fly fishing" submission forms and don't forget the great technique of typing the keyword "fly fishing" into the major search engines and locate the top thirty (first 3 pages of results) of competitors. Copy and paste the URL of the search results returned from each of the search engine results into the software by selecting the "find links from competitors" option.

By continuing to work on these four methods of locating possible link partners for a new home based business idea, you will continue to increase ranking, traffic and income over time. Acquiring quality back links is a slow process and does not happen overnight. By continuing to work with the software each day with each page of your web site you will see search rankings increase and the results are well worth the work put in. Remember that it is always the QUALITY of the links obtained and not the quantity. Getting one link on a related site is always better then getting ten different links on sites which on not covering the same theme as your site.

Getting a few links on a few different related web sites, backed up with a well optimized page of quality content by using the software will most likely put you on the first page of search results for a non competitive highly profitable keyword. This is why we began building our new home based business idea around highly profitable keywords, the results are easier to obtain and much more fast.

One last little tip when looking for possible link partners. If you happen to find a web site page that has been optimized with the exact keyword phrase you are working on, try and get it! These are the best links to acquire as they score the best with the search engines. This means if your keyword is "fly fishing" and you come across a web page which has "fly fishing" in the URL page address, title of the page and header this is a top quality link that will get the best results, so long as the site is a quality one as well.

This sums up everything about how I use this powerful piece of software in order to increase link popularity and search rankings, as well as possible partners for marketing my sites. I suggest you spend a little time each day working through the methods explained because the results are well worth it!

The next pages will wrap up and summarize my daily process for working on marketing my web sites. If interested in the "Arelis" software you can review the purchase information here New Home Based Business Idea Software!

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