Analyzing Real Home Based Businesses With A Click

Now that the web page of our real home based businesses is optimized and ready to be published we want to do a quick check and make sure the page is up to par. This is very easy to do for a web site and requires a push of a button. At the bottom of each template when building a page are a few buttons. The buttons include a "PreviewIt!" so we can look at how the page will look live and a "AnalyzeIt!" button so we can make sure each section we optimized is correct in the eyes of the search engines. We then have a "build it" button to publish the page for the net, when this button is pushed it automatically sends the information to the search engines so you do not have to do anymore! This is a rare feature that the Solo Build It! service provides and saves a ton of time. Make sure to look at the video tour that shows all the tools in detail by clicking the link Real Home Based Businesses Tools You can go back and edit a page anytime after it is published and use the build it button to make any changes.

Here is what the buttons look like at the bottom of every page builder template:

real home based businesses build it tool image

Real home based businesses can be a lot more work and money without these features and the tools will make sure that every page is perfect before submitting the page into the search. Let us take a look at the analyzer tool.

Once you have built your page and optimized each section we simply want to click the analyzer button. This will open a new page and let the webmaster know which sections are "good" and need no more work and which sections need further optimization. Not only that, but the analyzer tells us exactly what needs to be done to the section. This makes running real home based businesses very easy for the beginner webmaster.

After you click the analyzer button this is what the page will look like:

We can see each section and work down through each individual one in order to make sure the optimization is correct.

1) File Name: This is "good" and needs no further work done.

2) Page Title: This was done correctly and requires nothing more.

3) Keywords: We notices the analyzer is asking for something. This usually occurs with my pages because I do only use one keyword or phrase and nothing more. I only did use one keyword or phrase and ignore the rest of the message.

4) Description: This section reads "good" and requires no further work

5) Headline: This also is "good" and no more work is needled.

6) Page: We can see there are some problems here. We need at least 125 words in order to keep search engines happy, so I will add more content to my page. The exact keyword must be used in one text link on your page, so I will go ahead and add a text link and use my exact keyword for the page in the text of the link (the part of the link visitors click on).

Once these couple of sections are corrected I will hit the analyzer button again and make sure each section reads "good" and then go ahead and click the "preview it" button and make sure my page looks fine and no errors were made.

After this a click of the "BuildIt!" button and the page is instantly sent to all major search engines so that they know to send the spiders and index the page. The page is then published and added to the web site where visitors can find and visit the page. Building real home based businesses could not be made any more simple! When the page is published the software automatically updates the site-blog as well as the RSS feed and "pings" or alerts all the major RSS directories so that your new content is distributed to every major source across the Internet.

The next lesson will wrap up the content and optimization lessons! Click Here For Next Lesson

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