Overview Of A Business Opportunity From Home

The main goal of every day follows the plan from the first lesson plan. In order to build a business opportunity from home our main focus is on content. The minimum amount of content we want to add is one page per week. The more content the better and the quicker our web site will grow. I personally add about one page of content per day to my sites, actually it is about 5 or 6 pages per week.

Adding content to your web site and having the content focused around profitable keywords will only bring in more traffic. The search engines love fresh, quality and exciting content and pays special attention to web sites which are adding a lot of it. This is called "spider food" because when a search engine spider comes and see a lot of great content from a site they come back and check more often. This means your web pages will be indexed quicker and score better in the engines. The difference between adding one page of content per week and one per day is that the webmaster who adds a page per day will grow their web site more then seven times faster.

Obtaining back links to your web site is another important factor and a goal which should be set on a day to day basis. When linking it is difficult to say you will get so many links per day, so a goal of ten links per day should not be set. Instead an attempt to get links should be the overall goal. This could mean you will apply to ten directories per day and look for fifty related web sites in order to ask for a link to your site. Obtaining links can be a tough process and the main goal is just to continue with working at it. A proper linking strategy will work and has the ability to increase search engine rankings, growing your business more quickly . Distributing articles is one of the best ways to promote your web site. This is done by writing an article for each page of your web site using the same keywords. The article must be on the same topic and use the same keywords, but must be a completely different article. You NEVER want to use the exact content of your web page to distribute. This is considered "duplicate content" in the search engines and your web site will be penalized. Distributing articles to article directories will allow other web sites and Ezine publishers to use the article. Once an article is distributed online it can bring traffic and one way links to your web site for a lifetime. Of all the forms of free and paid Internet marketing, article distribution is the best. If only one technique for building a business opportunity from home could be used this would be it.

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick way to get some inexpensive traffic for a web site. Not all webmaster may want to utilize this technique as it does cost money. Through the use of tracking links you will be able to make extra money for your investment. Pay-per-click advertising involves bidding on keywords which may be profitable for your web site. The ads are placed within the search engine results for the keywords you have chosen and also may be placed on related sites.

These are the areas we will cover in the lesson plan for the day to day work that must be put into a business opportunity from home. I will go over each topic and show you exactly what I do to accomplish these goals each day.

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