Using HTML For Home Based Business Success

For home based business success HTML is just a simple programming language which uses "tags" to accomplish tasks. Most web sites are created using HTML coding and though the term "computer language" or "programming" may seem a bit intimidating there is nothing to fear. With the web hosting service I use there is no need to know any HTML at all, but I find that knowing a couple basic tags can speed things up. I use my own tags mainly for linking and adding images to my web sites, since links are vital to home based business success it may be the only tag you need to learn.

Here is a small list of all the HTML tags that I use for my web sites and what they do: (I HAVE PLACED SPACES BETWEEN THE < > SO THE TAGS DO NOT GO LIVE - DO NOT PLACE ANY SPACES BETWEEN THE < > WHEN PRACTISING.

Create a hyperlink - < A HREF="url" >Link< /A >

Create Bold Text - < B >BOLD< /B >

Line Break - < BR >

Center Text - < CENTER >Center Elements< /CENTER >

Change Text Looks - < FONT SIZE="" COLOR="" >Change size and color of text< /FONT >

Create Horizontal Rule Divider - < HR >

Italics - < I >Italics< /I >

Insert Images - < IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT="alternative text" HEIGHT="" WIDTH="" >

These are all the HTML tags I know and use for my sites and though they are not required to know for home based business success they may help you work quicker and organize the site a little better. Many of the tags can be used together, for example if you wanted to center an image on your site you would:

< CENTER >< IMG SRC="" ALT="fly fishing image" >< /CENTER >

Or you may want to use an image as a hyper link:

< A HREF="" >< IMG SRC="" ALT="fly fishing image link" >< /A >

The image tag may be the most confusing because it has many options such as border, alt text, height and width. These options allow you to adjust the image you are placing into your page. By adding the "border" option it will place small border around the image. The "Alt Text" allows you to place some descriptive text to the image, this is where you want to add the keywords that you are using for the page you are working on. The "height" and "width" options let you size the image.

It is best to play around with these tags so use the window bellow and practice some HTML for home based business success online!

Practice your HTML

Free JavaScripts provided
by The JavaScript Source

Don't forget that the web hosting service used for the ten day plan has the ability to place these tags into your pages without knowing the HTML coding at all. It is a good idea to become comfortable with these basic tags so that you can work quicker and within a couple hours you should be proficient with them. That is it! You now know everything you possibly need to know to create home based business success through your new web site so go get started! Good Luck and Have Fun! P. S. Don't forget to take the video tour and read some success stories for this exiting way to make an income online! Home Based Business Success! P.S.S. Don't forget to use the three different software programs in my Internet marketing arsenal! The 3 Most Powerful Software Programs For Marketing A Web Site! AND.... Finally make sure to really read and study the Affiliate Masters Course It taught me all I know and I still read it again and again.

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