Using Linking Software To Help Home Based Business Income Opportunities Succeed Online

Creating a solid linking strategy for any home based business income opportunities can be a daunting task. The use of this software will be a lifesaver and help the sites grow much more profitable. A solid linking strategy will help get better rankings in the search engines and that means more traffic and that always means more income.

Once you have selected the site to work on and click on the "links" button the work space screen will open up. The first option on the top menu will read "add links", click this button and a screen opens with the four options. We want to select the "find link suggestion forms". Once this button is clicked a screen opens asking for keywords. Once again we simply type the keywords we are using for the page. Then the program asks us to select the search engines to use for the search. This is a quick way to get some one way links into our home based business opportunities.

We want select from each of the "major players", so check each box for all of them. Most of the smaller search engines are not needed for building home based business income opportunities online. If you have a site which relates to other languages and countries you may want to look through all 498 and see which engines may pertain to your site.

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The next page we leave as is except for the number of returns that we want. This depends on your time to devote for linking each day. I look through about 100 to 200 per day, but 50 may be a good place to start. Once you have selected the maximum number of web sites to return for our home based business income opportunities in the first run, click the "next" button and the software will use the search engines to return the number of web sites you have requested.

Each of the sites returned will have a page with a "link submission for" in which we can fill out and submit to have our link added to the web site. Many times a webmaster will want a link placed on your site in return or a "reciprocal link" exchange. If the site looks like a great resources for your visitors and is on theme with the site concept then feel free to enter the exchange. If not move onto the next site in the list, always try to obtain one-way back links over reciprocal links.

To program will work down from the top of the list and automatically move onto the next web site after you submit your link information. The software allows fill out the form with your site information so you do not have to do anything else but preview the site and click the submit button. The web sites are viewed in the "preview site" and look like this: (The names of the site and emails have been blotched out to protect the owners)

The top section is the list of web sites that the software returned, the bottom half is where we do the work. The program returned all the related web pages with this link submission form and auto-fills each section out. All you have to do is make sure you like the web site and click the submit button. There are three tabs at the top of the work area, to view the site you click the preview tab, ignore the other two tabs as they are for latter projects. This process helps create home based business income opportunities each day.

This is my personal least favorite way to try to obtain links for my web sites. Most of the submission forms want a link back to your site for getting a link on theirs. A quality and related link is alright to exchange with by one way links are far more valuable for search engine rankings. This process is worth doing though because you may find some gems and it is one of the easiest one way links you will get once you discover one. You can view the software I use each day for my Home Based Business Income Opportunities by clicking the link.

The next lesson will look at how we can search for our competitors back links and contact the webmasters to inquire if they are willing to put a link to our site on as well. This is a great way to get some quality back links and increase search engine rankings for the page we are working on. Home based business income opportunities take work but the rewards are well worth it.

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