Optimizing Content For Home Based Internet Businesses

Now that you have that quality, informative and exiting page of content written for our home based Internet businesses it is time to get it out on the net for the search engines and visitors to discover. Before we just throw it out there we want to make sure that it is in a format that the search engines can categorized the page and help us rank better for the keyword the article is focused on. This will be a vital daily or weekly routine for the home based Internet businesses success.

There are a few different factors to take into account and I will go through each one in the order I do them. This entire process take about five or ten minutes once you know the rules and have it down. There is absolutely no special skills required for this with the web hosting company I use and makes this part of running home based Internet businesses easy as pie. The basic template is already in place.

1) The first part we want to fill in is our file name for the page. The file name begins with the domain address of your web site and then we add to the address in order to create a URL for the page.

Here is what the section looks like:

The domain address is already preset, all we do is add the names/address of the news page in the blank box. It is very important that we include our keywords into the address. I personally only include my keywords in the address with dashes between each word. If your keyword for the page is "fly fishing" then you would add this in the blank box "fly-fishing" and the URL or web address of the page would be:


See how easy that is! Once again Solo Build It! makes running any home based Internet businesses as simple as possible, all you need to worry about it the blank box and placing your keywords into it. This is as easy as home based Internet business can get.

2) The next section we want to optimize for any home based Internet businesses is the "page title" this is the title that will be displayed in the actual search results. When your page is listed in the search engines and a visitor is to see your listing this will be the first headline they see, it will also be the link they click on to go to your site. Make is catchy and alluring and make sure to get your exact keywords into the title at least once and NO MORE then two times. I personally only add my keyword one time.

Here is how the section looks in the template:

All you need to do is make a nice title such as "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fly Fishing"

3) Next is the section for telling the search engines what keywords are page is focused on. This will let the search engines know what to look for in your page so they can evaluate and rank your page on the criteria they look for. There is no need to do any more then use your exact keyword one time in this box. Do not think adding the keywords any more times will help you rank better. The search engines will look at this as keyword spamming and you may be penalized for it.

Here is what the box looks like:

Just type in "fly fishing" into the box. That is it and that is all, no more!

4) Next on the list is the "description box", this is just the small section we get to describe what are page is. The description will also be listed in the search engine results for visitors to read. We want to make it attractive and we want to think like we are visitors. The more we can convert to click here the more traffic we receive. Use your exact keywords exactly two times in the section, no more and no less!

Here is what the box looks like:

We just want to type in a simple but exiting description of the page for surfers to check out. A few basic sentences such as, "Come visit my site for everything you will ever need to know about fly fishing from a seasoned pro of over twenty years. Free fly fishing lessons and resources for novices and pros alike!"

That is the first section optimizing a page for home based Internet business , on the next lesson I will go over the page options that are available and then adding a header and the actual content. I am sure when you first heard the term "on-page optimization" you felt it might be difficult. There is nothing to fear from this exercise at all. It is an easy daily task that takes about five minutes to get done each day. Webmasters love to throw around big words, do not let them discourage you. Every process I will teach you is very simple and no special skills are needed. Of course this would be much more difficult without the great template format of Solo Build It! I am using for example and use for all my web sites, make sure to check out their Home Based Internet Businesses Tools and Video Tour.

The above tags are called "Meta Tags" by the way and without the template you would have to HTML code them in through an HTML editor. The process is not difficult but this way is much faster and a lot simpler

Let's look at the page options we have when setting up a page of content! Click For Next Lesson

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