Extra Options For The Best Home Based Businesses

The next few options I would recommend you learn for the best home based businesses is how to do with HTML tags. These are very simple tags to learn and will make adding such things as links and pictures on your web site much faster. The HTML tags make building the best home based businesses a snap and this is the one area the template does not speed things up. The other options available in the "Block BuildIt!" function include:

1) Text Link: this feature allows the ability to create a live hyperlink. If you are unable to create a link through HTML then this will be a life saver in the beginning. To create a hyperlink using HTML all you have to remember is a few things, here are the tags: (I have placed spaces between the <> so that the link does not go live and you can see the code, do not place any spaces between the <>)

< A HREF="" > < /A > - The opening is where we place the web address or URL and the second tag is called the "anchor". You simply type out < A HREF=" and after that first paranethes you add the web address, http://www.mysite.com and then close it with a parenthesis "

So, < A HREF="http://www.mysite.com" > and then in here we type our text and close the tag with the anchor < /A >

It is that simple and the text in between will be what visitors see and click on to arrive at the web address you placed into the tag! One bit of advice, when doing linking for any of your pages always slip the keyword that your page is focused on into the link, this is important for marketing the best home based businesses!

< A HREF="http://www.mysite.com" >Click Here For A Fly Fishing Lesson!< /A >

2) E-mail Text Link: This is the same idea as the above example except instead of a web address it will contain a Email address. When the user clicks on the link it will open an Email client and have the Email address filled into it. The user would then just type the message and send.

< A HREF="mailto:myemailaddress.com" >Questions? Email Me!< /A >

See how easy it is to build the best home based business from a web site? Just practice with these until you got them down without thinking.

3) Graphic: This option can be used for adding graphics and pictures to your web site. Solo Build It! has a nice graphic library in which you can create and store the web addresses for all your images. Make sure to take the video tour for a look at how easy The Best Home Based Businesses Tools work by clicking the link! When you add images to the Internet through a web site you create a web address for the actual image. Most webmasters use a image hosting company, but that is included in the costs of hosting your web site with my provider. All you do is upload the image and then the image is given a "URL" just like a web page. Then you can add the image into your pages through a simple HTML code.

Using the BuildIt! function may be easier for a beginner, so if you want to add images to your web site just select this option. I prefer using my own HTML because it provides a little more flexibility in adding pictures to my pages.

The code is simple: (REMEMBER: NO SPACES BETWEEN THE <> )

< IMG SRC="" > - All you do is add the web address of the image you uploaded in between the parentheses and your image will show up where you placed the code on the page. There are a few other options you can add to this tag such as "Height" , "Width" and "Border" but we will worry about them in my HTML tutorial at the end of the lesson plan.

HTML Summary

Using a web site to create the best home based businesses is a quick and simple task which requires very little skills, time and overhead costs. The last pages have outlined exactly what I do each day when I add new content to my web site. After getting your first pages up you should get the hang of it and the pages will be flying out to the net in no time at all!

Oh yeah, let me go over how we check our work through the "analyzer" and then build the page. This is as simple as clicking two buttons!

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