Acquiring Links From Directories For The Best Home Based Business Opportunities

The web hosting that I use for all my best home based business opportunities over the last five years is dedicated to Internet marketers and those who want to build the best web sites online. Besides the inexpensive hosting costs, they provide some of the best marketing tools for free. These tools cover every aspect of Internet marketing and web site promotion. You can see a list of all the tools they provide here Best Home Based Business Opportunities Linking Tool!. One of the best tools that they have is the "SeachIt!" tool which has a ton of great resources in such a small and easy to use program.

We can use the SearchIt! tool to locate directories from each search engine for our best home based business opportunities and then submit to all of them. We can even look for smaller "niche" directories aimed at the same topics and theme of our site. This makes building the best home based business opportunities quick and simple and that is what we want.

To use the tool we just click on the "SearchIt!" button in the webmaster panel when we log into our web site.

This opens up the tool which look like this:

best home based business opportunities tool image

There are a ton of great options to experiment with in the tool, but for now we want to open up "inbound link opportunities" from the Step 1 option box. Then we want to click on Step 2 and there are 12 great options to choose from. We will want to go through each of them to locate as many inbound links as possible.

For example the first option is "Google Wide Hubs and Directories" so we will select that first option. Then in Step 3 we will add a keyword phrase to search such as "fishing" and in the Step 4 we will select a second search term such as "lessons" and click the Search It! button. Go through the first twenty results that are brought back or first two pages and submit your link to each directory that you find. Then go onto the next option of Step 2 in the SearchIt! function, eventually going through all twelve options for the page you are working on.

This is what the tool looks like with the sections explained above:

A tip for building the best home based business opportunities is to focus on the homepage first and not be that picky. Look for every directory that you can submit you homepage to. So in the Step 3 and Step 4 just use keywords such as "directory" and "directories" and submit your home page to as many general directories as possible, but in the correct categories.

Once done locating and submitting to all the major and minor general directories then use the SearchIt! tool to locate more theme directories. Use the keyword of your homepage such as "fly fishing" and use those terms in the Step 3 and Step 4 search term. Add your home page to each directory that you find through all 12 options available in Step 2 of the tool.

The next step should be to focus on all your second tier pages which should make up your menu or navbar to the left of your web site. By searching and submitting to all the major and minor general directories there are most likely not many left. So focus on locating the specific and theme directory for each of your pages.

Go through the same steps listed above for every best home based business opportunities and if the page you are working on has the keyword phrase "beginner fly fishing lessons" then use that search term in Step 3 and Step 4 of the Search It! tool. Once again go through all twelve options in Step 2 of the tool for the keyword phrase search terms and add your link to as many directories as you can find in the first twenty results of each Step 2 selection. This will build the best home based business opportunities efficiently.

The system and method we are following to build back links is becoming more and more easy to see. We want to follow the steps to increase inbound link popularity for each page by working in a well organized manner. We create a new page of content for our web site, then we create an article and distribute it in order to promote the page and now we locate all the directories related to our page and submit to them in order to gain valuable back links. We want to do this process for every page we create and add to our site. This method will be key to building the best home based business opportunities through marketing a web site.

The Basic Rules To Follow

There are a few rules to follow and by now you should know what they are.

We always want to get our exact keyword phrase into the link text and into the titles, as well as in the description that we fill out when submitting to directories. We also want to make sure we change our linking information a little bit each time we submit to a new directory. We never want to always use the link text "fly fishing" for every directory we submit to, so try to change it up a little each time such as "Tom's fly fishing site" and "fly fishing information for beginners". This will keep the search engines from thinking we are doing any keyword spamming.

The next page will look at the software that I use in order to submit to over 3000 directories semi-automatically. This gets each of my web sites off the a great head start in a couple of weeks!

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