Home Business Marketing Using Article Distribution

There are a couple ways to go about distributing articles for home business marketing in order to increase back link popularity and increase traffic. Online marketing is always best when done efficiently and manually keeping up with article directories and submitting an article to each one is very time consuming. I use and article distribution software called "Article Post Robot" and I have found this program to be the best available for the marketing technique. You can take a look at what the program offers and costs from my software page. If you can afford it I would suggest adding the software to your marketing arsenal.

Here is a screen shot of the software:

home business marketing software image

The software is VERY easy to use. Under the "article sites" tab there is a list of article directories and you will have to go through them in order to register. The you do the same for the "mail list" tab so your articles will be distributed through all of the online groups publishers look for content. This will be the best home business marketing you can do and only takes minute after the article has been written.

The next tab is "article options" and looks like this:

This is where you will fill out the basic information of your article. Pick the categories that the article should be listed in and the keywords that relate to the article. Then a brief summary of a couple sentences to tell everyone what the article is about. To the top right we see the "article title", so just place your article header in the blank box. Ignore the next areas as they are not required or needed for home business marketing online.

The next tab is labeled "article content" and looks like this:

All we do is cut and paste the article content into this section and more onto the next tab of the software labeled "author options" and looks like this:

Here we will fill out our name, location, web site address, pen name and email. Ignore the top section of this page and begin with the first name box. Then in the "biography" section is where we will place a couple sentences about us, as well as place our link information. This will be the section which gets the back links for our article distributing efforts. Make sure that you get the exact keywords for the page of your web site you are promoting.

The next section for our home business marketing efforts is labels "email template" and this is all of the same information which will be sent to all the online groups where publishers look for content each day.

The section looks like this:

Just fill out each section or copy and paste it from the previous sections you have done. Once you have all the sections filled out you can save the template so that all of the information can be loaded later and you have less information to fill out each time you distribute an article. Information such as name, web site, email and so on, will remain the same for each web site you work on. In order to save time we want to fill in the information and save the template so we do not have to fill everything out each time we distribute an article.

Once all of this is done we click on the "other options" tab which looks like this:

This is where we add our email server information so we can send to all the article directories and groups for the home business marketing we have been working on. This information is easy to find. It is best to subscribe to an email service which you can dedicate to your article distribution. Then fill in the server box, what port the email runs on, your user name for the email account and your password. Check both boxes in the "post configurations" section and check the "check virus before posting" in the advanced configurations.

The right hand side is already preset and leave the sections as are. Make sure that the "post method" is set to "automatic post" and not manual. Then once all is set up just click the "start post robot" button and the software submits the article to each and every article site and group automatically. You can walk away from the computer and just let the software work, there is no need to check up on it at all.

This is how a webmaster can save a ton of time with article distribution for home business marketing online. Make sure that once all the configurations and information has been filled out that you save the template so that you do not have to fill everything out each time you want to distribute an article. Just save the template under the name of your web site so that you can load it and everything is set up to go for each site that you have.

After doing some articles this will be a quick and easy method for promoting your web site and getting great free traffic and back links for each page of your site with no further work. When it comes to home business marketing article distribution is hard to beat and has no overhead costs involved. It is the marketing technique that just keeps giving. The software is inexpensive and is a one time cost in which you own the program, all updates are free for a lifetime. If you want to review the program check out my software page here Home Business Marketing Article Distribution Software!

That is all there is to article distribution for the marketing of a web site!

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