The Importance Of Optimized Content For A Home Based Computer Business

For a home based computer business I am sure you are tired of me emphasizing the importance of building and optimizing great content focused around profitable keywords, but this is the most important part of drawing an income online. The previous lessons may seem like a lot of work, but after a little practice with the first pages it will be a cinch and only take about ten minutes per day. The writing of content is something I cannot help you with. This is the reason my advice was to build a web site concept around something you know and love. The writing process is much simpler when one knows about the topics.

Once a page of content is created then the next step is to optimize each section of the template I have laid out. The rules for this always remain the same and once the rules become second nature you will fly through each section. I rarely ever fail a section of the analyzer, but I always check it to make sure each page is perfect for the search engines. Great content and optimized pages are the key to the home based computer business success.

The analyzer tool makes sure that the page is in perfect shape to be submitted to the search engines and published online. The tool is completely free with Solo Build It! hosting service and is a life saver for making everything as quick as possible, you can check out a demonstration of these tools here Home Based Computer Business Tools. The preview it button allows you to see how the page will look once live and if any changes need to be made to the appearance. Once all of this is done a push of the publish it button makes sure the page is sent to every search engine and RSS feed across the Internet.

Growing a home based computer business takes some time and dedication, but by focusing on this content building and optimization I can assure that the results will come. Adding new content each day is the best method a webmaster can utilize to increase free traffic and income. If time is limited make sure to focus on putting up at least one new page of content per week. One page per day would be the best option and for me this takes about one half an hour per day and helps my home based computer business be profitable.

On the next lesson we will look at promoting the page to increase traffic and income! Click Here For Next Lesson

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