Using Links To Create Ideas For Home Based Business

The previous inbound link lessons and link ideas for home based business covered how to promote each new page of our site immediately to quickly get better rankings and free traffic from the search engines. This last method requires a little more work but can be very effective for ideas of a home based business online. The best links to acquire are those that reside on other related web sites. Obtaining a link on a web site that is about plumbing for a site that covers fly fishing is not very valuable. Search engines have become more and more sophisticated and they look for quality links from related web sites. If you have a site about fly fishing and are able to get a link from another site that is all about fly fishing then your rankings for that page will increase.

Quality and not quantity is the rule to almost every aspect of building a web site for income online. The content must be quality and the links pointing into the content must be quality as well. One solid link to a great web site related to the theme of your web site is worth more then 100 garbage and unrelated links. It is important to come up with linking ideas for home based business. The way to obtain these links are to locate web sites which are related to your site and politely ask them if they would place your link. This are a numbers game and many webmasters will never email back and even when they do, negotiating a link can be tough.

The web hosting service I use in order to create ideas for home based business online has a neat way for their users to get links through a community. It is called "value exchange" and you can sign up and begin working at some link exchanges right away. Just another free tool they provide with the service. You can check out what they offer here Linking Ideas For Home Based Business! Once you sign up and set up the Value Exchange, you will receive emails from related web sites wanting to exchange links.

Other Linking Ideas That Work

The other method for trying to negotiate inbound links are to search through the Internet for related sites. Use the keywords of the page you are trying to get links for and look through the search results for related web sites and find more ideas for home based business. If you find a web site which looks like a great fit, then try to locate their Email address or contact information. Send an email with your request, link information and contact information. Make sure to emphasize what you like about their site and why the link exchange would be a good one. The object is always to try to get "one way" links, these are links which go onto another web site but the other parties link is not placed back onto your site. When a typical link exchange occurs the two webmaster simply each place a link onto their site, this is know as "reciprocal linking" and is valued less in the search engines.

One way links are much more difficult to obtain then reciprocal links because they require a webmaster to do all the work for nothing. Many may reply with a monetary offer to place the link or want their link placed on your site in return. If the money seems worth it to you (a few bucks) then you may want to take the offer and if the web site is related in theme and an asset to your visitors you may want to do a reciprocal link. The goal is always to look for related web sites and try to get free, quality one way links.

The process of trying to obtain free one way quality links for a Internet business is one of the toughest parts of the job. There is no need to beat yourself up over it. With work the links will come over time and each one you get will increase your rankings and get the free traffic snowballing in. Just try to locate related web sites and send a nice email asking if there is anyway to get a link onto their site. You may be surprised at how nice the webmaster world can be and over time you will obtain the links you need. This helps create ideas for home based business as well, as you review many related web sites.

On the next page I will go over in more detail how I go about obtaining one way links and the software I use! Click Here For the Next Lesson

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