Getting Vital Links For a Part Time Home Business

The next technique is one of the most solid ways to get those vital links needed for a part time home business through a web site. The method is to type the keyword of the page you are using into each of the major search engines and locate your competitors for the page from the first thirty search engine results. This process would take a ton of time to do manually, but with the software it takes a minute or two a day.

First we want to click the "add sites" button for the web site we are working on and then select "find web sites that link to your competitors" option. This will open a new screen asking that we add the URL of each competitor we want to software to find back links for. Go to one of the major search engines and type your keyword for the page you are working on into the search. Once the results are returned there will be all the top competitors ranking for the keyword that you are working on. The URL of each of the pages will be available right from the search results. Now cut and paste the top thirty (three pages) competitors web page addresses into the software until the thirty have been listed and click the "next" button. Ignore everything on the next screen, expect for the total number of web sites that you want returned on the search. If this is a part time home business you may want to do about fifty per day, if you have more time to spend do all you can!

The software will then begin to return all of the back links that your competitors have gotten in order to score in the top rankings of the search engine. The program will also return the email address information so that we can contact them in the attempt to get a back link placed on their site also. The software has a great template to make this an easy process, if you are running a part time home business the time this saves is priceless.

Setting Up The Email Account

First we need to set up our email account information we will be using for sending and receiving emails. When in the "send email" section of the work space there is a option for "email settings", click that and select "edit email account".

This is where you set up all your email information and the page looks like this:

part time home business software

You must fill in the information, if you are not aware of this information contact your email provider and they will be able to help. You can try to go to your email companies web page and find the "help" pages and look for "SMTP" information. You may also want to type the name of the email you use along with SMTP into a search engine and the information is most likely available online. Filling out the email account name, your name and the email address is self explanatory. The SMTP server and port are all you should need to locate. The SMPT username and password should be the same as when you log into your email account. If you do not have an SMPT email then there are plenty of them online for free to sign up for. Search for "free SMTP email" and set up an account.

After our email account is set up it is time to set up the email template for our part time home business web site. Once these are set up they will be saved and no need to go through the process again unless starting a new web site. You can check out the information and purchase page for the linking software here: Part Time Home Business Software!

Let us set up our email template and get going! Click Here For Next Lesson

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