Home Based Business Work - Getting Back Links From Keyword Searches

The third method for getting back links for home based business work for our web pages to increase search rankings involves keyword searches. This work is very simple with the software and the sending of emails remains the same as in the last lesson. Once the email account and template our set up it remains for every technique we use to send emails in hopes of getting some links.

If one was to do this manually it would require typing the keyword we are using for the page we want better ranking for into every major search engine. Then we would have to go through the tens of thousands of results looking for related pages and locate the contact information to send an email. The "Arelis" software makes quick work of this task and really does all the home based business work for you.

This time we want select the site we are working on from the software and click the "links" option. The work area screen will open and we again select the "add sites" option for the top menu. Then the screen opens with each of the options for obtaining links from the software. We have already done the first two, so this time we choose the third method "find web sites by keyword search". A page opens with a window asking for the keywords or phrase, type the exact keywords or keyword phrase you are using for the web page that is being promoted through the home based business work. There is no need to add a ton of keywords in this area, keep the work focused on the exact phase of your page to return the top results, by adding a ton of keywords you may take away results for other pages you will work on later.

Click the "next button" and check the box of each of the "major search engines" and once again click next. The next page is the same as we have seen in previous lessons, ignore the top section and tell the software how many sites you would like returned for the session. This depends on how much home based business work you want to do per day. If you select 50 then the software will return fifty web sites to work on emailing for links. The next day if you want to work on more for the keyword you may type in 100. Do this until all results have been exhausted. The software will automatically filter out any sites you have already done, so once you have emailed all fifty you can deletes the web sites and clear the work area. Once deleted the filter will make sure that the next time you use the search function that any sites you have already visited will not be returned again. This is a great feature and keeps you from getting the same results all the time and sending multiple emails to the same webmasters.

The last step is the same as the last lesson. Preview the web sites and pages and make sure they are a good fit. Open the email area and the template and information will be all set up. Add the name of the site or webmaster you are contacting, add the page address you are inquiring about and click the "send email message" button. This make home based business work a snap and get those links coming in quickly.

Review And Only Send To The Best Sites

Make sure to review the sites the software returns because not all will be worth emailing. This technique will reward you with many link opportunities that are a perfect fit for your site theme.

The results will be increased search rankings over time and of course that means more income. The process is slow and so long as you continue with the plan it will work. Getting back links is not easy home based business work but you do not need a ton of them so don't get discouraged. Make sure to check out the Home Based Business Work Software information by clicking the link. You may spend a month on one page and only get a couple of links. The process works and those couple of links may earn you a lot of money for a long time. Think about what a couple of links for hundreds of pages will do! Stay with the system it works!

The next lesson will cover locating related blogs for obtaining quality back links! Click Here For Next Lesson

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