Day 5 - Registering The Domain Name For Work At Home Businesses

This is where we should begin getting exited for our work at home businesses , as it is time to get our domain registered and move forward with our plan for starting using the Internet. In order to register a domain you must find the services of a registrar. There are millions of them online and the prices are very inexpensive. If you decide to use the hosting service that have used for years for all of my web sites then there is no need to search and the hosting company will handle this for you. The price is included in the hosting package, but if you needed to go elsewhere the cost is typically $5.00 to $20.00 per year.

Now would be a good time to look at all the tools you will get: View Free Tools For Work At Home Businesses This is all there is to registering our domain so that we can get our work at home businesses online and ready to bring in traffic in through our content in order to presell to our affiliate programs and merchants while taking in a steady income.

This is the half way point of our 10 day plan to have a web site online and ready to steadily grow each day week and year. Let us review our goal of the day which was simply to make sure our site concept is not to narrow or broad and to make sure we pay attention to all of the rules in registering a domain name for a work at home businesses. Once the domain name is registered there is no turning back as we begin to market our sites. Choose a great domain that makes sense to the business theme and don't forget to slip in your best keyword!

I would advice that you use the web hosting service which I do as they will make this entire process simple and fun and save a lot of time and money as well. Make sure to check out all the have to offer and the cost is about $30 a month including registering the domain and all the tools I have mentioned. Don't worry there are many great tools coming as we are about to begin going live!

I should mention as well that all of the webmaster who use this hosting service are among the elite Internet marketers online and are in the top 3% of success work at home businesses. The process I am laying out in these lesson plans are destined for success if you follow exactly what I say.

Let's move on to day 6 because now it all starts to get fun! Let's go! Click For Next Lesson

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