Day 5 - A Great Domain Name Equals The Top Home Based Businesses

Once we create top home based businesses, we want to make sure that any legalities are covered. It would be a shame to have a striving business working from home as we always dreamed and then run into legal problems such as infringing on a trademark. We will now use the "Search It" tool once aging (I Love This Tool!) like this:

STEP 1: Site Legalities STEP 2: Trademark Check STEP 3: Your Domain Name

That way we can see if anyone has trademarked the name we want to use and avoid any problems in the future. It is not needed to trademark you own domain but may be wise in the future if you feel fit. For now we just want to make sure we will not infringe on anyone before we register our domain name.

It is time to register our domain names and begin to build top home based businesses. Make sure you have exactly what you need and want in your domain name and also think if you may want to register any other domains to hold onto. If you are thinking big you may want to create multiple sites in niches focused and linked to one master web site in the future. An example would be registering "" "" "" and "". These could all be separate niche sites and linked together for one big site in the future. This may be something to think about as it would be a shame to come up with this idea in the future and none of the domain names you need being available.

A Recap Before Registering The Domain

Before we go to the next page an register our domain name for top home based businesses , it would be wise to reflect on everything and make sure we know what we want and need in our name.

Does the name appeal to your visitors?

Does the name fit into your overall site concept?

Is the name unique and offer a description of your site.

Is the domain classy and solid, not weak and misleading?

Does the name use a major keyword that you will be focused on within it.

Does your domain name offer a opportunity to broaden your site concept in time?

Is there any problems with a trademark and your domain name?

Is the domain name available or has it already been taken?

Do you need to uses dashes in your domain name?

These are all interesting points to reflect on before we move forward on the next page and begin the work of building our web site. Make sure to check out all the tools Solo Build It! offers for top home based businesses by clicking the link and following the "amazing tools" section of this site.

Let's move ahead and get the registration out of the way so we can start designing our web sites! And on we go... Click For Next Lesson

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