Day 5 - Creating A Domain Name For A Business At Home

The registering of a domain name for a business at home is very simple, but there are a few things we want to get correct. The search engines actually put a value on the keywords used in your domain name. It may be fun and cute to come up with some silly name such as say "Tom Catches Them All" for a fishing concept, but this does not put our site concept or site keyword into the domain.

Here is a look at the number one position for fishing in the search: - Leading the world to the water - Your online fishing ... Leading the world to the water, fishing resource guide. - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

See how the word "fishing" is in bold and in italics lettering? This is nothing that the author of the site did. The search engine does it to emphasize the keyword being searched for. Creating a business at home requires some due diligence and a proper method for going about what we want to accomplish.

If we look at our keywords that we are focused on, one of them will be used for our homepage. Pick the best most profitable, as well as most broad keyword you have in your list. If this keyword is along the lines of "fly fishing" or East Coast salt water fishing" then we have something. A domain name can be as simple as " or we can use dashes to clean it up: " The use of dashes in a domain name for a business at home is up to a few factors.

If the domain is three or more words it may be best to use the dashes. If the domain is one or two words then there should be no need to bother. Sometimes a domain is no longer available, so if you wanted "" and it is not available try "". If there are many versions of the domain you want then go with what you think works best for you, but a wise idea would be to purchase all the other domains as well. Domains are cheap and this protects you from others using your overall name in any way. A great domain name has a few key concepts around it. They are short and sweet while still getting the overall concept of your site across to the visitor.

They have meaning to your overall site concept and send a clear message of what you will be offering.

They are easy to spell and simple to remember.

They should have the overall keyword of your site in the domain name for extra juice in the search engines.

You want them to have a solid and classic feel as opposed to something corny.

You want them to have a certain uniqueness that shows of a bit of your personality, as well as be descriptive of your site concept.

Picking The Perfect Domain Name

Solo Build It! is the hosting company I use for my web sites and is actually more then just a typically hosting company. They cater towards Internet marketers and give so many tools that it will be hard to go over them all. These are all included in the price for the actual hosting of your web site and all are extremely easy to use. You can view a list of all the tools here Tools You Need For A Business At Home

I have talked about the "Search It" tool for building a business at home and again we will look at what we can use it for when picking out a domain name.

Simply open the search it tool and for STEP 1 choose "Domain Names" then STEP 2 "DomainBots Domain Namer" and then for STEP 3 and 4 put your keyword domain names in the boxes such as "Toms" "Fly Fishing". You should be able to get plenty of business at home ideas using the SearchIt! tool.

It is best to always use a .com domain name but a .net or .org can be used if need be. Stay away from any other extensions as endings such as .tv or .au which confuses your visitors. Do not register your domain name with any of the companies while searching! Solo Build It! does this all for us in the initial pricing for hosting our web sites.

You can also use the search it tool to check on the availability of a domain name and to do this we simply open the "Search It" tool and:

STEP 1: Domain Names STEP 2: Check Domain Availability STEP 3: type in the name we hope to use ""

These tools should give us plenty of ideas for picking the perfect domain name for our business at home.

Let's go to the next page of lessons and see what else we should check before registering our domains. Click For Next Lesson

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