Work At Home Search Engine Optimization Basics

Work at home search engine optimization for an online business or web site has become a profitable new field. The Internet clearly provides great opportunities because of the numbers of people who use it to locate information. Many have been able to start web sites and gain targeted traffic to them, which allows opportunities to generate revenue. The obvious place that most look to is the search engines and how to rank well within them for search terms and get free targeted and profitable traffic to their sites.

Most looking in from the outside will see work at home search engine optimization as difficult. They believe special education and IT skills are required and those that get top search rankings have special talents they cannot learn. There is no special training or education for SEO, most who are proficient in the skill learned it on their own. The search engines really do not require great technical skills but rather want quality web sites with the most relevant information for the keyword search. They use algorithms to weed out bad pages and find the valuable pages their users will be interested in.

Building Valuable Content Around Profitable Keywords

There is a saying that pertains to the new methodology for SEO, and it is "Content Is King". Content is what web surfers and search engines want. High value and high quality content which are based on a central site theme. Just creating content is not good enough for a web site business, the content needs to be focused on keywords, which can bring traffic into a site. Keyword research and marketing are the basics for work at home search engine optimization.

Using special software programs that let's webmasters find the best keywords for their site theme and also the numbers of searches per month help builds a profitable outline for the business. Creating content without looking at where the demand for content is through keywords means building the business blindly. Using keywords that are high in demand, writing useful content around the keywords that helps those looking for the information is where proper SEO all begins. Going to a search engine and looking at the competition already ranking for the keywords is a good idea as well. This will show if a keyword is just too competitive to do well in the search results for and will also help to find how you can create better and more relevant content than the competition for the keyword.

Optimizing The Page

Once a great keyword has been researched and the content is created to provide amazing information on the keyword the page must be optimized. On-page optimization is a technique to help tell the search engines what the page wants to rank for and allows the page to get into the search results for the keyword. First the content itself should use the exact keyword throughout the text. The content should have a title or header with the exact keyword in it.

Next you want to make sure to create META tags in the head of the HTML code for the page and work at home search engine optimization. While that statement may sound scary it is a very simple process. The META tags are the title tag, META keyword tag and META description tag. These are used by the search engines to tell them what you want to say in the search results for the page. The title will be what people click on to get to the site from the search results and the description will tell the search users what the page is about. The META keyword's tag is telling the search engine the keyword phrase the page wants to rank for. The exact keyword for the page should be used in each of these areas on or two times but never any more than that!

There are a few other places that work at home search engine optimization can be done with keywords. It is a good idea to use the keyword in the actual filename for the page (URL address created for the page). The keywords can be and should be used in a hyperlink on the page or better yet create one hyperlink with the exact keyword term within the actual content. When using HTML tags to place images on your page you have the option to add the "ALT" tag which the keyword can be placed into. The ALT tag will show the text you placed within it whenever someone hovers the mouse above the image on the page. It is just one other way to get your keyword into the page for the search engines to help rank the page better for the keyword.

With work at home search engine optimization the idea is simple, use the right keywords to gain profitable traffic to a web site. This is done by first finding all the best keywords through research. Then creating the most relevant and valuable content for the keywords, using the keywords in the text and the title. Before publishing the page the META tags need to be created and optimized as well at the file name. Then creating a hyperlink with the keyword and using the image ALT tag will help get even better results. It may seem like a lot of work, and it is, once mastered it becomes very easy to do. In the end keywords placed in the proper areas will mean more traffic and that means more profits! Check out the full Work At Home Search Engine Tips video tour.

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