Understanding HTML To Work At Home On Line

HTML is important to know if you want to work at home on line and is easy to pick up. Anytime someone who is not IT experienced hears about learning a computer code or language they get scared but HTML is very simple to learn and understand. In order to run a web site or an online business some basic HTML tags should be learned and such tags as hyperlinks are needed to be proficient as a web master. HTML tag also can be used to put images onto web pages and to help format the page for a nice and clean layout. There are many different tags but only a few important ones to master.

All the HTML tags for a work at home on line business uses the same basic format. They use beginning tags and then use the anchor tags to close the coding. These tags run like this, <> and and that is it. The parentheses for the opening tag start the code and the parentheses with the / end the code. Then there is a different text placed between the <> depending on the code being used.

The most important HTML tag for any work at home online business is the hyperlink tag. The hyperlink tag creates a live link on your web pages so if you want to link to another page or another web site the visitors can simply see and click the link, of course everyone knows what hyperlinks or links are but not everyone knows how to create them. They are very easy to create and use this simple code: < A HREF="URL THE LINK WILL GO TO" > TEXT TO BE CLICKED ON HERE < /A>. That is it, the <> with the code A HREF= in between then in between the "" goes to the URL or web address for the link. The code is closed with the < /A > tag and that is the HTML code for creating a link. The text between the opening and the anchor of the code or the <>THIS TEXT is what is clicked on and can be anything you want such as "Click Here" or "Check Out My New Web Page" and so on or even "Buy It Now". If you link for increasing search engine rankings then you will want to slip in your keywords for the web page into the link text or the part of the link that shows up and is clicked on.

It is important to note that I placed spaces before and after the <> so that the link would not go live, do not use any spaces before or after the <> in the code so the start would really look like this: would not be spaced either. You can also add an ALT extension to the basic hyperlink tag which will show text when a user places their mouse over it and that would look like this < A HREF="" ALT="MY NEW WEB PAGE" > LINK TEXT < /A>.

Another great HTML tag for a work at home on line web site is the one used to place images into a site or page and is important for a work at home online business. This tag is very easy but requires that you use an image hosting service to upload your images to so that they are put on a URL. There are plenty of image hosting services and many are free, you just find the image on your computer and upload it through the service and the service will show the URL for the image. Then just use this code < IMG SRC="URL OF IMAGE HERE" > and that is it, place the code where you want on the page and the image will appear. There are extensions to this code such as adjusting height and width and adding borders, which would look like this < IMG SRC="URL HERE" BORDER="1" HEIGHT="50" WIDTH="50"> and that would add a border to the image and also adjust the height and width for sizing the image to the page.

You can also use an image to create a hyperlink which is just a combination of the two. < IMG SRC="IMAGE URL >< /A> and that will turn the actual image into a clickable link. All the extensions for the two links will work here as well so if you want to add an ALT tag within the link or add a border to the image it can be done within the tag itself.

Formatting a nice layout for any work at home on line business is a must as well. A site should be nicely organized and HTML tags can do this. Here are some of the basic tags that are most commonly used for formatting text within a web page, and they are very easy to learn, the above tags are the toughest except for the TABLE tags which are not needed as much for sites today but do come in handy sometimes.

< BR> - Line Break < I > TEXT HERE - Italics < CENTER> TEXT HERE < /CENTER> - Centers Text < B> TEXT HERE < /B> - Makes the text bold < H1 > TEXT HERE < /H1> - Creates a header or large bold text and the H1 can also be H2 or H3 < HR > Creates a nice line for breaking up text or sections of the page

These are most of the popular and highly used HTML tags for a work at home on line business. They are very easy to learn and with a little practice you will be doing them in seconds without thinking. Try to experiment with them and get them all down, they can really help with the layout of a site and knowing how to create hyperlinks is vital to any webmaster running an online business. Do not forget to not use a space before and after the <> as I only put a space so that the code will show up and not be live. Be sure to check out the full Work At Home On Line video tour and look at sample web sites.

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