A Simple Work At Home Guides

Here is a simple work at home guides to help keeps it real when starting a web site business. With an online business, one can make it as complicated as they want but a business will be more successful by sticking with what works and putting all efforts into the working plan. There is no need to over complicate what needs to be done so here is a quick overview of the steps involved for making money with a web site.

1) Decide on a theme for the web site by researching keywords and competition. A work at home guides has to start with what the business will cover and finding a web site which works for everyone is the first step. A web site theme needs online demand, little competition and has to be something the individual can provide information on. Come up with ideas that work best for you and then keep researching the ideas until a profitable theme is found.

2) Get the web site designed, online and a domain name registered. This is all simple to do with the right hosting company and within a few hours the web site can be designed, published onto the net and have its domain name registered. Be sure to pick the perfect domain name, one that explains what the web site is about, and what it will cover. Try to get the main or general keyword into the domain name as well.

3) Get 30 pages of high quality content about the theme onto the site, optimized and published. For work at home guides it is best to have 30 pages of content before adding any revenue streams and before submitting to the search engines. Use these 30 pages to create the menu of the site or the major sections of the site and always use the most profitable keywords for the pages.

4) Once the thirty pages of content are optimized and live on the site make sure the menu bar is set up properly and all the pages are linked together properly. Each menu page should link back to the homepage and all the menu pages should be linked together as well. Make sure the site looks good and is easy to navigate.

5) Set up the RSS feed on the site as well as the site-blog. This is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Once that is done the next part of the work at home guides is to set up your E-zine or monthly newsletter, once again a few clicks of the mouse and that is set up for good. These tools are quick and easy and once set up go on an auto-pilot to keep marketing the site. There are no technical abilities required to do this at all.

6) Continue to find keywords that bring in targeted traffic to your site based on its theme and write the best content around those keywords for your site. By adding new content as regularly as possible around such keywords the traffic grows each month and that means more sales and money. The content needs to be analyzed and has to be the best most relevant content on the subject matter.

7) Get back links to each new page by writing and distributing articles, using the social book marking, social media sites, related free directories and finding any quality web sites that have a relation to your theme and trying to get links on them. Each new web page will need some links to help get indexed and ranked by the search engines. Do not make linking more difficult than it needs to be.

8) Seek out the best revenue streams for each page of the site based on the content, keywords and how the visitors are finding the page. Each page can have the multiple and varying revenue streams to maximize profits. Look into top affiliate programs, search engine advertising programs, locate advertisers for the page and even stock and sell hard goods if a profitable opportunity presents itself.

That is a simple work at home guides that includes all the steps required to make money and eventually a living from home with a web site. If the work is put into the right places than targeted and profitable traffic will grow each month and so will the sales. Just remember that the visitors need to be satisfied with the site and that means top quality content that delivers more than the competition and revenue streams which are targeted to each page for what the visitor needs and wants may be. Check out he Work At Home Guides video tour for more information.

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