Starting A Work At Home Freelance Business

There has never been a better time to start up a work at home freelance business. The Internet today supplies amazing ways to market your personal skills and make great income from the comfort of your own home. From starting a web site to social networking to the already well established freelance web sites which you can post your services on. Not to mention that it is all extremely easy and inexpensive to start up with very little financial risks involved.

Getting Started

For this article, I will use freelance writing as an example of a great work at home freelance business opportunity. Let's say that you have great writing skills and enjoy writing. There is a huge demand online for writers today because great web content is needed by webmasters for their sites and online businesses. Most webmasters are not great writers, so they seek out quality writers to contract articles and content they need. They pay on a "per article" basis, which depends on the number of words and quality of the writing. Typical charges per articles run about $10.00 to $50.00 for a 500 to 700 word articles on any given topic. It is a good idea for any work at home freelance writer to become knowledgeable in some "on-page" optimization techniques for web content. Most likely the customers you get will want their articles created around specific keywords. This technique is easy to learn and only requires that you place the exact keyword in the content a few times as well as in the title of the article. For example, if the keyword is "San Diego Travel tips" then the title may be "Top 10 Sand Diego Travel Tips For A Great Vacation!" and the keyword will be sprinkled through the content about one time per paragraph. Optimizing a page is really as simple as that!

How To Advertise The Business

The time has never been better for marketing and promoting a work at home freelance business. Today you do not even need your own web site to do it, although it is a good idea for the future. Here are some top ways to get customers and land long term accounts.

Blogs - You can grab a blog for free from many places and put up a few pages of what you do. This will allow a "landing page" for different ways you market and promote your skills.

Pay-Per-Click - You can join the search engine's advertising programs and bid on keywords that will bring in targeted visitors and customers to your blog's landing page. This is known as Pay-Per-Click advertising and can be a very inexpensive way to drive potential customers to the blog and begin landing jobs.

Free Classified Sites - You can begin placing ads onto the major free classified sites under the proper category. These sites get tons of traffic and are a place many go for looking forward to fulfilling their service needs. Just make sure to stay within the guidelines so not to spam the sites or become banned from them. These sites are one of the best ways to advertise your work at home freelance business, and they are free. Social Networking - The social networking sites have taken off over recent years and become a great way to build a targeted network. They allow you to stay in touch and post news of your business, which will be put in front of your network's eyes every time. These sites are very popular for top online marketers because of their power. They are a great way to grow and build any business.

Freelance Sites - There are a couple of great freelance sites that are in the business of connecting freelancers with people in need of services. They have categories for everything imaginable from graphic design, writing, web design, delivery, photography and so on. You can create an account and begin posting your services on their site. These sites are established and receive great traffic, which can instantly be turned into customers and accounts.

Your Own Web Site - In time once things get rolling you should spend the time to get up your own web site. There are no special skills required today to have a professional site. With the right hosting company anyone can build a great site in a few hours. Even if you do not get into heavy online marketing of the business and only use the above methods for generating customers a web site will be a great landing page to send people, to so they can read about what you offer and your skills. A web site is also useful for offline marketing such as business cards, flyers and any form of local advertising you may want to do.

With these tips, you have everything needed to get started with your own work at home freelance business. If you have skills that you feel are in demand than use these ideas to start getting some customers. Whether you want a full time business or just some extra income, no doubt with a little work and effort it can be done. The Internet provides all the resources to not only start up a great freelance business but to be able and bring it to unlimited potential. It will take work but you have every opportunity to be able and make great income doing what you love! Make sure to check out the full Work At Home Freelance video tour.

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