The Best Work At Home Business Idea

Want to know the best work at home business idea? It is much easier than most want to believe, you create the best web site on a theme and then use other people products and services to make money from the visitors coming into the site. This is how the top Internet marketers are making tons of money, and it is because it works. The use of a theme-based web site and using affiliate programs are the number one online business model which takes some time but is a low cost business plan with great long term growth if done properly and here is why.

In order to understand how to make the best work at home business idea can make money on the net one has to be able to think about the best ways to get the best traffic into their web site and then what to do with the traffic as it arrives. The best traffic comes from the major search engines because, well for one it is free but also because it can be extremely targeted, very high yielding (can grow and grow in time) and also this type of traffic lasts because the pages are in the major search engines it will continue to deliver the traffic repeatedly.

To understand the visitor is also important, the search engines are sending the visitors to your site because they feel that the site will deliver them what they went into the search engine for. The visitors are of course human and can see the pages of the site with much more details than the search engines, of the web site is not of quality or is not delivering what they were searching for they will not stick around nor make any purchases. The best work at home business idea must balance these two major factors in order to be profitable.

The theme-based web site can accomplish the task because it delivers what both the search engines and the visitors are looking for, a great site on a theme with tons of informative content on the theme. First let us look at exactly how the theme-based web site business model works. Someone who is looking forward to starting the best work at home business idea online spends a few days and comes up with some different web site themes, these are based on business ideas that they would be interested in, know about and can write information on. Through some research and looking around the perfect theme is found and the web site moves forward on the theme.

The webmaster then uses keyword software (which is easy to use and can be found online) to locate all the keywords that are being used in the search engines based on the theme. The webmaster finds the best and most profitable keywords for the theme whiles thinking about what content and information people using the phrases are in need of. The webmaster then writes killer content using the keyword as the topic to deliver a great theme-based web page of information for the search engines, then the search engines send the targeted visitors to the page. One should quickly see how this creates a great work at home business idea.

The first task for the best work at home business idea has been accomplished, because the page is based on a keyword phrase and the page is of great informative content on the theme of the site the search engines begin to send traffic to the site every time someone types that keyword (which was researched and the webmaster knows people are using the phrase in the search engines) the page shows up in the search results and visitors come into that page. The first battle has been won but now for the important battle to begin.

What happens from here on out depends completely on what you say to the visitors, if they find the content not to be credible (you picked a theme you know nothing about and just wrote anything) the visitors will find the site untrustworthy and move on. If the site delivers great information and the visitors are treated with content that they were looking for then there is a chance to make money and here is how.

Internet marketers have been using and prefer to use affiliate programs as the main revenue stream of their web site businesses. Affiliate programs allow webmasters to make money selling other people goods in the form of a commission for any sales. This allows a webmaster to quickly find the best and most profitable products and services to offer to their visitors and target the products or services independently without having to buy and stock any good nor perform any services. Affiliate programs are free to join and can be used in different ways.

If one page of a site is about places to stay in Seattle and an affiliate program has tons of different places to stay around the country but also has the one perfect bed and breakfast that the webmaster feels his visitors to that page would love than the webmaster can sign up for the affiliate program and add the link for the bed and breakfast only. If a visitor is to book a stay the webmaster will make a commission on the booking.

Now perhaps another page of the theme-based web site is about shows in Seattle for a night out, the webmaster can locate an affiliate program which sells event tickets and places some affiliate links into that page for events going on in the city and once again produce revenue from any purchases. You should quickly see the benefits of using a theme-based web site along with affiliate programs, the traffic is targeted, the content delivers to visitors and gain trust making them willing to purchase and then the affiliate programs can be customized to provide the best possible products and services for each page that visitors would be interested in based on the keyword the page is based on producing one the most popular work at home business idea used by top online marketers. Make sure to take the full Work At Home Business Idea video tour and take a look at real sample sites.

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