A Work At Home Business Guide - Understanding Search Engine Optimization

If you are searching the net for a work at home business guide then chances are you have stumbled onto the expression "search engine optimization" There is no need to fear the phrase, and it is not laborious to master regardless of technical abilities. Most seem to think that search engine optimization requires a Ph.D. in IT education, but it does not. SEO is nothing more than a means for making web pages understandable for the search engines for what keyword th pages want to rank for.

Keywords are nothing more than the phrases people use in the search to find data they desire. Webmasters use keywords to construct pages around because they bring in visitors to the site. A work at home business guide needs to cover SEO so that the business can appeal to visitors online. There are three essential elements of any search engine optimization strategy that must be used.

The initial part is content, every page of a web site begins with great content. Search engines want pertinent content as do visitors once they enter at a page. Webmasters first look at a keyword to use for the page and then attempt to create the most relevant page of content around the keyword to win over the search engines. The keyword is then scattered throughout the content but never excessive. To many keywords used will hurt the page and is counter productive. Most SEO specialists want between a 2% and 5% keyword density or roughly one keyword used each passage.

A secondary factor involved with SEO is the overall site design. A web site needs to be easy to navigate for the search engines and the visitors. Sites that do not have a good internal linking framework will get the search engine spiders lost and pages not indexed. It is a real shame to compose a great piece of content but then to not have the search engines locate it. Visitors also need a site that is easy to navigate, if visitors do not find the content they are looking for they will leave. A simple design works best and is one that loads quickly, does not eat up bandwidth with animations and graphics, and it laid out in an uncomplicated but efficient manner.

The third component for a work at home business guide on SEO involves Meta tags. Meta tags present in the header of a web page, and they are used by the search engines. They embody the keyword tag which tells the search engine what exact keywords the page wants to rank for, the title tag which is the title visible in the search engine and the section search users click on and the description tag which tells search users what the web page is about in the search results. Each of these has an importance to the ranking of a page and the exact keyword should be used one time or maybe twice for each section. They should also be well written and compelling in order to get search users to want to come and visit the site.

Search engine optimization can be more complicated, but it is a simple approach that works best. Search engines are more and more caring less about how well optimized a page is. Most work at home business guides overcomplicate SEO techniques. The search engine algorithms are becoming more refined and put relevant content, which is fresh and unique as the leading factor for ranking a page. Writing a page based on a keyword and then sprinkling that keyword throughout the page a little helps the search engines know who to deliver the page to and those are the people who type the keyword into the search. Keep SEO clean and unpretentious but keep learning about it and with some patience you will grasp how people are able to produce income through a web site. Make sure to check out the full Work At Home Business Guide video tour!

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