Top 10 Home Based Business Marketing Tips

Here is a nice short and sweet top 10 home based business marketing tips list. These are the top ten things I do in order to help build traffic and grow income. The purpose of online marketing is to always keep things moving forward in a precise and simple manner. When the online marketing landscape changes, as it often does every few years, it becomes time to drop areas which are no longer as beneficial and work harder in areas which show the best results with the least effort.

1) This top 10 home based business tip will never change! This is where all key attention must be given at all times. Nothing is more important then adding the best optimized content to your site. Just adding content optimized around keywords is enough to keep a home business growing and the more you add around profitable keywords the better.

2) Never use sales pages and pitches or banner ads as the means for monitizing a site. Keep the pages of content centered around "perfect" pre selling techniques that get visitors excited and wanting to make a purchase when clicking on the "money links". Banners are so easy but they also have the worst conversions, by placing links within existing text that keeps getting visitors excited while building credibility will sky rocket conversion rates.

3) A great top 10 home based business tip is to create an article for every web site page you create for distribution purposes. Article distribution is a great and easy way to get tons of one way back links coming into the page which will help with search engine rankings. If there is one linking strategy to be used for promoting a web site and it's pages this is it.

4) Locate directories and submit to them for free to gain back links. Submitting to directories helps increase link popularity and get better rankings for less competitive keywords. Search fro some directories online and submit to a few a day. Remember to switch the links regularly to get links coming into many different pages and keywords. A great top 10 home based business marketing tip for keeping a site moving forward

5) A newer top ten home based business marketing tip is to submit your site blog to as many blog directories as possible. This way every time you update your blog it is being picked up from other web sites around the net.

6) Submit your RSS feed to as many different RSS directories and feed sites as possible. Always look to locate and submit to RSS feed and RSS news sites with a free submission. This is a great way to get all of your content distributed around the Internet with little work.

7) Spend time in Internet marketing forums and groups which stay up to date with marketing tips. Many times they will post great free directories to submit to as well as RSS feed and blog submission sites. Look for marketing forums which will have great resources for web site promotion and stay in touch with them.

8) A popular top 10 home based business tip is to try techniques such as link baiting, in which you create flashy content that gets attention. Try to create one page for your site and one as an article to distribute and promote the page. If a link bating idea is good it will create much attention and back links to your site.

9) Try to gain back links in forums and groups which share the same interest as your site theme. This is not one of my personal favorites but many do it with great results. The key is not to spam these places but to join in the groups. Most will let you place a link in your signature.

10) The last top 10 home based marketing tip is just use common sense. There are many pitfall areas where you can spend to much time and not helping your site. Keep everything simple, the object is to continue and build outstanding content for the site which both visitors and search engines will find valuable and to get back links into each page. Time and effort should be put into the content because it is the business and represents you. Back links need to be quality also but spending time trying to get perfect links will slow things down. Take a perfect link when the opportunity presents itself and otherwise grab all the low hanging fruit available.

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