Starting Internet Business Rules

Here are some starting Internet business basic rules to follow so that your web site takes off and not run into any minor or major bumps along the way. There is a strong tendency to want to rush the process and mostly always this gets a site into major problems. The goal is to work with the free search engine traffic and be happy for what they deliver, trying to trick them will only hinder any long term goals.

Rule # 1 - Always and I mean always keep adding great content to your web site for your readers and visitors. This is what they want and are looking for and without the ability to deliver to them a web site business is just another failed dot com. I know I say this all the time but the number one focus for all marketing techniques needs to be content.

Rule # 2 - With starting Internet business rules make sure to look at the keywords before writing the content, content writing and keyword research goes hand and hand. Use the keywords to outline the site as far as section and topic ideas for the visitors. Use the keywords as a resource to come up with topics that are in common with the site theme and give the information peoples are looking for.

Rule # 3 - Use the best keywords and do not get greedy, do not use keywords because they have the great numbers of searches unless they have little competition. It is best to find keywords that are having a nice number of searches by people on the net per month with the least amount of competition behind them. The more competition the more difficult and time consuming it will be to get any traffic from them. Search out the "easy to rank for" keywords to start getting quality income producing traffic into the pages of the site.

Rule # 4 - A basic starting Internet business mistake is to try software program after software program which makes endless promises of being some new hyped secret way to get rich and to deliver top search engine results. They do not exist and if they do they will be dead in the water in a matter of time. Search engines will penalize and ban sites that go against webmasters rules, stay working with the search engines and not against them no matter how tempting an offer may sound.

Rule # 5 - Spend time coming up with a time management program and stick to it. Divide the work up into a solid regimen of content creation and link building. The time should not be spent in a fifty-fifty manner but rather spend about 75% of time working on content and the web site itself and 25% of the time with a link building program.

Rule # 6 - Another common starting Internet business mistake is doing the opposite of the above, using all time to try to get links becoming obsessed with rankings for pages and keywords. Building content around keywords will deliver more traffic in time and it is better to keep attention on proper content creation then link building. Links will come in time slowly and so will rankings.

Rule # 7 - Keep thinking as if you are a visitor coming into the web site. If you are doing something only for money and it really has no value to visitors then it should go. Do not get greedy and diminish the value and quality of the business trying to get more money. There is a ton of legitimate ways to make money from a web site and the more attention paid to the visitor experience the better the results will be anyway.

Rule # 8 - It takes time and does not happen overnight, any business start up requires time to grow. Do not become one of the people who think the Internet is some new technology and all they need to do is place their business idea on a web site and they will be rolling in the dough. Give at least three months and more like six month without expecting much from the business at all, but make sure to continue working just as hard at it during this slow time. To learn more about Starting Internet Business click the link.

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