Starting A Home Catering Business Using A Content Site

Starting a home catering business can be a great service to sell online wether a business is already in place or one is just starting out. The Internet is a great place to market for local business and accounts can be landed with ease. All it takes is a few great accounts to get a services business started and a web site is a great place to start. If a catering business is already in place then using the net and a web site can help quickly grow the company and increase revenue.

All the lesson plans for getting a web site up and running are on this site, but once the site is set up then starting a home catering business can be accomplished very fast. The first thing that needs to be done is to get the web site into all the local search in the major search engines. All the major search engines have a local search which is a new area for online marketing. Bonuses of the local search are that it eliminates most broad competition and more an more web surfers are using it to find local services. Locate the "local search" for each of the major search engines and submit your homepage URL.

Service selling is a little different then an online store or affiliate sales because services many times just require a few major accounts to get off the ground. The keywords for many local services are not as abundant as other areas on the net but do not let the discourage you. One account can become a lifelong customer and also spread local buzz and word of mouth. A web site is the prefect method for starting a home catering business.

Pay-Per-Click advertising should be next on the agenda. Go to Yahoo marketing and to Google Adwords and set up accounts at each. Use their keyword search tools to locate every keyword that pertains to the business. Bid on the keywords and try to get into the top three position for each of the local phrases. This means make sure to take a top position for such keywords as "Boston catering service" and so on. There may not seem to be many hits but you will be surprised at the number of calls that come in. Make sure to do enough research to cover all the areas which your service will cover.

Once the above goals have been accomplished for starting a home catering business make sure to market the site in the local area, this means print up business cards with your web site address, create flyers and brochures which all include the web site address as well. Never underestimate the local buzz that can be created from a high quality web site. Offline marketing of a local services web site is very important.

Do not forget all of the other rules for a web site business. Make sure to create a high quality site for the catering industry that appeals to the local area. Have the site supply resources and advices and become an authority on catering through the web site. Continue to build trust and credibility both online and off and the results will be well worth the effort. Try to add some recipes to the site and also use some affiliate programs to create even more revenue streams. Use affiliate programs that relate to the catering business, local interests and related products or services visitors may be interested in. Starting a home catering business can be a great idea using a web site and marketing online.

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