List Of Home Based Business Ideas To Think About

Sometimes it takes some stirring up to think of the perfect online business so a list of home based business ideas to get the mind thinking is always a good place to start. Take a notepad or better yet sit in front of the computer and try looking at an online directory to get some great ideas to move forward with.

Go to DMOZ for starters as there will be a million ideas available to explore from here. It is the top online directory covering just about every niche and every topic possible. On top of all this DMOZ also has listed web site in each category so you can look at the actual sites to get ideas for layout and content as well as theme. This is a great first place to begin when looking for a list of home based business ideas. DMOZ is also a tough directory to get listed in so all the sites that made it in are high quality, take a lesson from them and look at what they are doing right.

You will be able to follow the proven plan that works by first picking a couple categories that interest you or that you are well educated in and know much about. Click on the top category and it will break down into a bunch of smaller areas of interest for the list of home based business ideas. From this list is probably the best place to get the overall theme for your web site business and the homepage. For example here is a list of the top categories that are available.

Kids and Teens
News Recreation

As you can see this is a great broad list of home based business ideas but much to broad for a nice tight niche web site. Let us say that you are a sport fanatic and think some form of sports related web site business would be of great interest to you and have topics that you can write about to appeal to visitors. I will not go into every category listed in the sports section but you can visit the DMOZ web site and take a look. We now have a list of every sport concept possible and if the idea of covering a single sport for your web site sounds great then move forward. Besides different sports there are also other areas for a web site theme available such as sports news, coaching, shopping and events.

From this list of home based business ideas a great and profitable web site theme can be discovered and not only that but each section of the site can be developed also. Let's take the example of bowling, perhaps you have been bowling a couple times a week for many years and know a lot about the sport as well as enjoy it greatly. A bowling web site may just be perfect and is a nice solid theme. Perhaps bowling is still to broad or maybe it is perfect but a quick look reveals many different styles of bowling and other such entries as organizations and instruction. You may want to make the entire site theme on one of these more specific areas of bowling but for this example we will say that bowling has been decided as the overall theme for the business.

Now the secondary categories of bowling can be used as a great way to discover the sections that the site will cover. There can be a "bowling organizations" section and a great way to monetize this area maybe to contact the organizations for advertising. The next section may be "bowling instructions" with tips for the game and lessons, quickly followed up with a "bowling equipment" section and on and on.

By using a great directory such as DMOZ for a list of home based business ideas the task of picking the perfect theme for a web site business becomes an easy task. The overall concept for the business can be quickly figured out and great ideas can light the imagination. Then with all the secondary categories some great sections for the site can be explored which builds a site with a great foundation. From there you are on your own to fill each section with top quality content readers will love and to turn the web site into the best "bowling" resource site the net has ever seen.

There is one last step that is of the up most importance and that is to use this process to find three great ideas and then to make sure and do the proper keyword research to make sure that the theme is in demand and profitable. Solo Build It! makes all this research easy to do because they have all the tools needed, make sure to check out the List Of Home Based Business tools and video tours by clicking the link! Do the above steps for three of your favorite ideas for a home based business and apply keyword research to each theme and each section of the theme. Once again the theme with the greatest number of highly profitable keywords will be the best business web site for you. Good luck and keep with the plan that works!

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