What Makes SBI! A Legitimate Work At Home Company

If you have read through this site then you know I preach how Solo Build It! Is the best legitimate work at home company for starting a business. Though I know HTML, JavaScript and how to design a site with the top software, I prefer using the Solo Build It! Templates and block by block builder because it is quick and easy. All the fancy stuff for a site really has no advantage when it comes to online marketing, unless you have an established brand. Such things as Flash and other scripts do not provide the what visitors want, which is always information through content and some scripts actually confuse the search engines and spiders making the site impossible to navigate for them. Here is a brief look at the many advantages to using Solo Build It! for your web site business hosting.

One of the things that make Solo Build It! the best legitimate work at home company is that they know what they are doing, they understand the truth about Internet marketing and how to be successful. They stay in tune with the search engines and do everything right with them. All the tools they have really work great, and they are all "white hat" meaning a site does not get in trouble with the search engines and flourishes with them. The tools they provide are constantly updated and new tools are added as the marketing environment changes always keeping you up to date with the best marketing tools for your business and always staying with a few steps ahead of the competition.

Another great bonus and what makes Solo Build It! a great legitimate work at home company is that they make everything extremely easy. Even if one has no clue about anything in a matter of a couple of weeks they will be professionals at site designs, logo creation, keyword research, keyword marketing, pay-per-click advertising, on and off page optimization, site blogging, RSS feeds and E-zine marketing. There are even more that you will learn and everything has push button simplicity, no hard to learn computer languages or IT experience needed in anyway. Solo Build It! created a package that turns anyone into a professional Internet marketer in days.

One of the best tools that they have is the Wordsubmitter which saves a ton of time and hassles, each time a new page is created and published to the site it automatically adds it to the site map which is set up for each major search engine. This tool then "pings" each search engine to let them knows that a new page has been added. What this does is make sure the search engines see the new page quickly and help every page gets indexed and as fast as possible meaning more traffic in a faster fashion. To have to add new pages to a web site each time is a major time constraint and hassles, it is great to know that all of this is done as soon as the page is published with no further work. On top of that all the results can be monitored to see the search engines visit the page and then index it as well as how the page is ranking. All this makes Solo Build It! the best legitimate work at home company.

A little deeper look into the keyword research tools which are vital for online marketing reveals one of the best if not the best keyword tool every created. This tool quickly shows all related keyword terms for any business idea and also the demand, supply and profitability for each keyword. It becomes efficient work to research a business concept and look at just how profitable the business may be. Once the winning concept is discovered it is quick work to research keywords and in the blink of an eye the best and most profitable keywords to build content for are at your fingertips. Once the page is created the page template brings you step-by-step into setting up the page or "optimizing" the page for the best search engine rankings in a block by block format that anyone can do. A quick click of the analyzer button tells if each section is correct and once every section reads "good" click the publish button and that is it, you can monitor the indexing and ranking for every page from the Search Engine Headquarters.

The final reason that Solo Build It! is the best legitimate work at home company is because everyone really cares about your success. They pride themselves greatly on their reputation and have the best success of any online business hosting services. Most hosting could not care less about your site and just sell Internet space. Solo Build It! has tons of free resources, books, education and a helpful forum o keep things moving in the right direction. The forum is filled with real Solo Build It! owners from beginners to professionals all willing to help, and you can get answers to any questions in a matter of minutes. Solo Build It! boasts very impressive success rates for online business using them for their web site hosting including a success rate of 35% in the top 1%, 53% in the top 2% and 62% in the top 3% of all online business. Those numbers are truly impressive and back up the fact that Solo Build It! really is the best legitimate work at home company and anyone who is serious about making money online with their own business needs to try the risk-free trial. Make sure to check out the full Legitimate Work At Home Company video tour and look at real sample sites.

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