A Basic Rule To A Legit Work At Home Opportunity The Right Way

To start a legit work at home opportunity there are some basic rules that need to be understood in order to be effective. Everyone knows or at least learns very quickly that getting traffic and building traffic to a web site is a measure of the businesses' success, but it does not end at traffic. If traffic finds a web site but does not like it, does not find it useful or finds the information on the site to be poorer than they will leave and go elsewhere to locate what they need. So in essence traffic statistics are a misleading number, a site can get millions of visitors per day but if they all leave right away then the business is a failure.

The true measure of a legit work at home opportunity is not traffic stats but rather the conversion rate stats. How many of the visitors are making purchases from the site overall, while traffic is vital so are the conversion rates and some basic ways to increase them must be learned and applied. It is easy to increase conversion rates just by not doing one thing and focusing on doing another.

What not to do? Get rid of the idea of using banners, they are the worst way to convert traffic into sales and have the lowest conversion rates. A matter of fact a banner ad placed on a site actually hurt the business as people do not like them and turn away from them, they are the poorest way to take advantage of traffic and for that reason should not be used for any legit work at home opportunity. Even if a visitor does click on a banner ad they are not put into a willing to buy mood and likely not to make a purchase even when at the product's sale page. With many affiliate programs banners provide a 0.5% conversion rates in comparison to other effective techniques, which average over 3%. That is a difference that will make or break any online business.

Banners do not work because they are just a sales pitch and people online are not looking to be pitched to but rather looking for useful information from a web site. Banners are easy but they are also lazy and why so many use them, do not be lazy with your web site because a little more work will increase the results and sales ten fold. Banners hurt a business and do not put visitors into a mindset of wanting to buy from the site.

The best way to increase conversion rates for any legit work at home opportunity is to use the content of the site to get people wanting to purchase. The content of a site is the best way to get sales, and it is not done by pitching or selling to the visitors, it is done by providing the resources and information that they are looking for. By delivering the information that people want through content, they trust the site and become more willing to buy from the site. Put in a little extra time to work on the content to deliver what the visitor wants and then takes it from there to drop in links for products or services which they would be interested in purchasing based on the content they are reading. The best webmasters who run a legit work at home opportunity all understand how important their content is for converting sales and understand how not to sell to the visitors with pitched content but rather how to make them want to check out their recommendations for products and services putting them into a willing mood to buy.

Dropping banner ads and focusing on how to warm up visitors through the content of a site will turn any legit work at home opportunity into having great conversion rates. Think about the visitor first when writing content, how you can deliver to their needs, and what you can place into the content that they would want to purchases. Make the content informative for the visitor and not a sales pitch but when placing links to products or services think of how you can use a couple of sentences to make them want to click through and put them into a buying mindset. People are not just going to click on something and take out money to purchase, but if they have a good reason to, they will. You have to give them a reason to want to make a purchase and that can only be done with great content that accomplishes meeting their needs. Do this and you will have the conversion rates needed to make great income online with a web site business. Make sure to take the full Legit Work At Home Opportunity video tour!

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