Increasing Sales For An Internet Marketing Business Without Selling

If you have been running an Internet marketing business or are just starting one up then the advice in this article may be very helpful. This pertains mainly to marketing for affiliates but can be interesting to just about any business plan that uses a web site and the Internet. One mistake that many make, especially businesses that think just getting their web site online, make is that they try to sell to visitors or just think because they have items for sale then people will purchase them if they want.

The online business reality is that it requires work towards landing sales and increasing conversion rates, people using the net dislike being sold to in general. If you look at the webmasters who are making killer conversions such as 10% and compare this to average webmasters making a 1 or 2% conversion on sales it does not take long to see what the difference in marketing is. The 10% conversions are coming from well thought out content which motivates the visitor into actually wanting to make a purchase, being excited and trusting the web site.

The poorer conversions are coming from pages with banner ads, sales pitches and sites that are simply a brochure. These Internet marketing business are "hoping" someone will buy and that if they increase traffic to the site they will get more sales and make more money. This is true, if they are making a 1% conversion on their existing traffic and double the traffic they will make two times the money in all likelihood. But it is still better to have a 10% conversion rate on the existing traffic which would multiply the profits 10 fold then it is to double traffic and increase profits two times.

The above example is why increasing conversions actually does multiply profits. The Internet marketing business who does not sell and pitch to their visitors or "hope" that they will make a purchase is actually increasing traffic and multiplying the increased traffic against the conversion on sales. The business which does just hope visitors will come to make a purchase is missing out on increasing income substantially. In order to be successful with any Internet marketing business one must do things in a manner that is best for the business. Placing some banner ads, sales pages or an online brochure is not enough to make the most of the traffic coming into a web site. Visitors ignore banner ads and hate sale pitches and an online brochure does little to get a visitor wanting to grab their wallet. By not taking advantage of the traffic coming into a site one misses a great opportunity to increase their income by five times or more and with little extra work involved, it is just doing things properly from the start.

The above is all especially true for those involved with affiliate marketing. The merchant that you are representing is already using a sales pitch, brochure or flat out "purchase page" which you are directing visitors to. Now the visitor came to one page which offered nothing so conversions go down a lot and then the few that do click through just come to another sales page which offers nothing of interest. An affiliate has to provide a reason to make a purchase, wether it be to build trust, credibility or make the person feel that you are an authority of knowledge on the subject matter is a good recommendation.

Next time you work on a page for your Internet marketing business think about how you can increase conversion rates by not selling and not hoping for a sale. Think about what you can write in the content that makes visitors want to buy. Think about the visitor and what you can provide to them to help in their decision. The main object is to get the visitors in a "buying mood" and if you can do this then you will see conversion rates for the business triple and if you do it well it will be more like five times or more. To learn more about a Internet Marketing Business click the link.

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