Using Articles To Promote An Internet Business Make Money Online Web Site

If looking to start an Internet business make money online opportunity then marketing basics will have to be learned. There are many different ways to promote a web site in order to increase traffic, sales and revenue but one of my personal favorites it article marketing or article distribution. This can be done in a couple of different ways but the results are the same, gaining valuable one way back links, traffic and making your site an authority on the information which it covers.

Article distribution is nothing new, a matter of fact it has probably become a bit saturated and works less then when the technique was in it's prime. The major bonus to using articles as a means to promote a web site is that the results can come in forever and the results may also become viral for the Internet business make money online opportunity. Just as with on-page optimization for content going on your site articles should also be optimized around the same keywords.

The best way to use articles is to create one article to promote each page of your web site, this means every time you create a page of content for your site you will also create an article on the same subject and keywords but totally different. The article should be helpful and interesting and of course of high quality. Since we are looking for web sites, blogs and online publishers to use the articles the content has to be so great that they want to use it.

Once the article is created for the Internet business make money online web site then it must be distributed. There are a ton of article directories that accept these articles and have a loyal base of publishers going to them looking for free content to use. There are many lists online of the best articles directories to submit to that also have great PageRank.

On top of the article directories there are a few great groups or forums in which you can place your articles, these forum groups are devoted to people writing article for others to use in exchange for a small link in the "bio box". By distributing to the ten or twenty popular free content groups the articles get even more back links and attention.

The last method of using articles as a way to promote a Internet business make money online web site is to try to locate "authority sites" of whatever niche or theme your site covers. See if you could write an article for them in exchange for a small link. This is a great way to get a solid link to your site that really counts in the search engines and can really establish your site as a leading authority on the theme. In short, distributing articles is a great way to promote a web site and get results coming in with little effort. To see how others are using content for an Internet Business Make Money Online opportunity click the link.

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