The Final Look At What You Have Learned For Building Home Based Business Income

When you look back at all you have learned for building home based business income it should all fit perfectly together. In the beginning it may have seemed like a lot of information and been a little confusing, but think about how easy it all is.

Day 1 we learned of the importance of preselling to our visitors and not just selling.

Day 2 we developed a few site concepts which we knew about and had the passion for.

Day 3 we looked for the most profitable keywords to build topics around for our content

Day 4 we looked at affiliate programs and merchants that would fit in with our site concept.

Day 5 we looked over our best site concept and made sure it was perfect and then registered our domain name.

Day 6 we built our homepage and a tier two page in order to begin the structure of our web site which attracts to visitors and search engines.

Day 7 we looked at how we are going to build free traffic

Day 8 we looked at the importance of building a relationship with our visitors and the methods to achieve credibility and trust.

Day 9 we learned how to analyze statistics for building home based business income.

Day 10 we looked at how we will implement our affiliate programs and merchants from the day 4 lesson into our web site to create income.

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When we look back at all that was learned it should make more sense. This is the proper plan to follow and by following the correct method it is easy to build home based business income from the net. The plan is quick, simple and very inexpensive and the potential is limitless, perhaps more limitless than any other business opportunity anywhere.

Do not get carried away thinking that you need to build a fancy web site with all the bells and whistles. A theme-based content site built to make money just needs to look clean and professional. The high end sites on the Internet are sites who have established a brand name. They do not rely on search engine traffic to obtain visitors, they already have a huge customer base who just type the domain address when they want to go to their sites. These companies are also able to use television commercials for marketing their sites. The number one goal of a Internet marketers site is to provide great content which visitors are looking for.

Stick with the plans! Build content in order to get free traffic, then presell the traffic to your merchants and collect the money. That is it and that is all, so do not forget it!

If you want to start making your home based business income now I suggest you use the web site hosting company I use for my web sites Free 30 Day Trial For Home Based Business Income!, Solo Build It! has all the tools I showed you through the lesson plan and they are all included with the costs of hosting your site. The costs are around $30.00 per month for each web site.

Good luck! When your site is all set up and live make sure to look at my second lesson plan.

P. S. take a look at some web sites built from the free templates you will get How Your Site Will Look!. This is how professional your site will look with no skills! The web site can be built in about an hour.

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