Business Home Internet Marketing Tips

It can be easy to get lost in the world of business home Internet marketing when first starting out and the excitement of starting a web site can lead to angst. Once the "traffic addiction" begins it becomes a quest to find anyway to increase those wanted visitors and see the monthly stats go up. Here is a quick list of some tips to keep you on the "right side of the market" as traders would say.

Content development is key to success and growth with a web site, before doing anything keep full attention on developing the perfect page for the keywords that you are working on. At the start of each day take a look at your keyword list and find the next most profitable keyword for writing a topical article about, take time to think which section the keyword topic will fit into the site. Spend some time not working but just organizing thoughts and ideas for the article in your head before rushing it all out on paper. For a business home Internet site take a little time to look online for other related pages of content on the topic and get some fresh ideas for what directions the article will go. Remember content is at the forefront of all your marketing efforts at all times, just adding a new page around a profitable keyword topic will do wonders for the business in the long run.

On page optimization becomes second nature, but in the beginning it may be confusing at. Make sure to run the Solo Build It! analyzer and see what areas need to be "tweaked"(you can check it out here by clicking the TOOLS link Business Home Internet Analyzer. Each section of the page template needs to include the keywords, some more then others. The actual article body should include the keyword about once per 100 words or one time per solid paragraph.

After the page has been optimized for the business home Internet web site and passed the analyzer in each section it is time to publish. With one click the page will be submitted to each and every major search engine and pinged to blog and RSS sites for extra promotion. The first thing that should be done to promote the page is article distribution. Take the same exact keyword and write another article, but a completely different article. Search engines have a duplicate content feature and if you simply distribute the same article it will lesson the originality of your web site page. Once a new, different and fresh article has been created go ahead an distribute it to all the major article directories. This allows webmasters to use the article for free in return for a back link. This will greatly help get needed links into the page for better rankings and some free targeted traffic along the way.

Now the page is well underway of being promoted online and receiving some free traffic coming in. Take a little time to search out some other easy links to get pointing in. Use the search engines to locate directories related to the keyword in order to submit to and any sites that are a good fit try to write a personal email to the webmaster and see if they will link to your page. This is where quality content pays big, if your pages are not good other webmasters will not want to share them with their readers. Do not spend to much time or build an obsession for business home Internet linking, try to find a few quality links from directories and a few quality sites which share the same subject matter.

Writing a new page per day and then another article to promote the page in article directories will do wonders for your web site business. This should be where the majority of effort is put in. By spending about a half hour to look for easy links help, speed up the process but only if you do not become "link obsessed", spending the majority of time looking for links instead of content creation will slow the business growth down considerably. Stay on the right side of home business Internet marketing and the results will begin to pour in.

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