WAHM! For A Work At Home Mom

What exactly is WAHM? Nothing more than a synonym for a work at home mom, whether that be through a business or employer. There has never been a better time for moms to be able to take care of their families while continuing to pursue their careers. Many moms are finding that they are able to run a home business and make better income than ever doing what they love. Technology may have provided the biggest advantages for the dedicated mother who still wants to keep busy with career goals.

The Pros

For most and especially a work at home mom the pros out weight the cons. Working at home can have some great upside but some downsides as well. For most being able to stay home and take care of their children by far outweighs any of the downsides. Being able to stay at home and take care of the childcare's routines, spend valuable time with them and even share lunch are great. A work at home mom does not have endless time to spend but much more frequent times.

Being able to keep making income or even increase income is another pro. Many times a work at home mom can continue their career and income from home. Many new moms are finding great rewards from taking their previous career knowledge and turning it into a business. They are able to increase their income, be independent and spend more time with family.

The benefit of flexible work hours is priceless for moms working from home. When employed or running a business being able to fit the work into your schedule offers great flexibility. Many moms are able to get all the work done while the kids are at school. If the kids are not in school than getting up early and putting in work after they go to bed can provide all the time needed. With laptops many moms are able to even put in work while doing routines such as waiting at the doctor's office. Flexible work schedules are usually easier for the self employed home workers than the employed.

Some Cons

The cons for working at home can include not being able to blend work and home needs, distractions and inability to get work done. Each of these negative factors for working from home can and need to be eliminated. Strict rules need to be in place for not only the children but also adults and yourself. Routines need to be in place of when you cannot be bothered and when it is okay. You need to have all your chores for the day that will be a distraction accomplished before getting involved in work. This may include laying out the children clothes and having lunch made and ready for them. Think about what would cause family members to come to you and decide on what you can do to eliminate the distractions. With rules, a schedule and discipline, many of the cons for a work at home mom can be avoided, these common areas are what leads most to fail.

Working from home as an employee or as a business owner has great challenges. For most the minor challenges are easy to avoid with discipline, rules and schedules. These help to assure that the many great benefits of working at home can be capitalized upon. For a work at home mom it has never been a better time to be able to enjoy these benefits and reap the rewards. Make sure to take the full A Work At Home Mom video tour.

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