10 Best Home Based Business Ideas Using A Content Site

Here is my list of 10 best home based business or theme ideas for creating a content web site around for traffic and profits. These are my choices to give a general idea of areas that seem to be profitable and with the least competition. These ideas also seem to have general interest from web surfers and are great areas in which people spend time looking for information sites to deliver what they need.

1) Travel - Always at the top of the list is a travel site. The main problem with travel sites is that services such as hotels, car rentals and flights pay very little commissions. The beauty of travel sites is that there are so many small niches to tap into. If someone loves snowboarding they can do a site devoted to snowboard trips and vacations or perhaps a Caribbean Island they have been going to for years. The best way to "Monetize" a travel site is probably Pay-Per-Click advertising and also trying to get paid advertising from the areas local businesses.

2) Local - Local web sites are a great opportunity to really land a paying niche with no competition. The top 10 home based business ideas need great profit potential with little competition. Creating a web site devoted to your local area is a great plan. The web site can be filled with things to do, entertainment and local business. Each page of the site can draw local advertising and any local affiliate programs that would be of interest to the area. This is a great way to have a web site which you know everything about and can make a great income, plus the competition will be zero . 3) Handbags - Handbags are a great seller online and though there is competition, very few web sites know what they are doing. A top designer handbag site pays out very well if you can grab hold of the market.

4) Music and Instruments - Music sites draw a lot of traffic and can become great content resource sites for free lessons and advice on playing. The affiliate programs are great with high paying commissions and there are many to join. If you play music and know an instrument this could be a great idea.

5) Sports - Sport sites can do very well on the net but have to be a perfect niche. There are tons of affiliate programs for sports related site themes. One of the top affiliates I know makes a killing just covering one sports team.

More Of The 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas

6) Investment sites and stock market trading

7) City guides

8) Entertainment sites

9) Dating

10) High End Clothing and Fashion

These are the 10 best home based business ideas to help get a jump start on researching and making profits online. Remember it is very important to do proper research and narrow a site down into a perfect niche that has a high demand and can become profitable. Investigate some of the ideas and see what you can do to create an authority web site on the theme. To see some other 10 Best Home Based Business Web Sites from real people click the link and view the "Sample Sites" page.

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